Thursday, February 21, 2019

Grandma's Comedy Show

Thursday (2/21/19) at 8:00pm
Grandma's House is proud to host a Monthly Comedy Show! Come on down and enjoy some laughs and great craft beer. You'll love it all; whether you are chillin on a rocking chair, saddled up to the bar, lounging on the couch, or hanging out at the dining room table. Just try not to spit beer out your nose! That's a waste! But what's not a waste is the price. It's a FREE show!
This months lineup of comics is spitting hot fire. Headlining the madness is one of the hottest comics in town, AJ Finney!!!
The one and only Jon Spurgfin, voice of the Keith County Fair Combine Demolition Derby, will be your host and make you feel right at home - just like your grandma's house! Even if you have to go over a river and through some woods to get here, you don't want to miss this one!
Grandma's House is small brewery in Denver, CO that celebrates all things craft. Located in the heart of the historic Antique Row stretch of South Broadway, our quaint taproom is right at home among our neighbors. One step through the door and it is clear that we are a little different than other breweries. Our relaxed, comfortable, and nostalgic atmosphere is designed to make everyone feel welcome. Our staff strives to serve beers of the highest quality, made with love but free of pretension. We hope you feel as at home in our taproom enjoying our beers as you would in your own grandma’s house.

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